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Founded in 2014

Ezekiel “Zeke” Crozier, a medically retired Disabled Veteran, TBI survivor & Purple Heart recipient, strengthens communities by providing commemorative healing work that honors those who have served their country, their communities, and those who survive and thrive through adversity.  

Handy-Cappin' specializes in custom design using bottle caps. Each piece produced by Handy-Cappin' is handcrafted specifically for the customer, and cannot be mass-produced. Consider your project unique, because each piece of art is one-of-a-kind. 


Our Story
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“My art speaks the words I struggle to find... Sketching was something I did growing up but I have no art background. Smashing bottle caps was an exercise that allowed my motor skills to improve, an activity that came about following a significant (TBI) injury. A bottle cap can be cut, bent, and manipulated into shape. Non-toxic resin is added to secure the bottle caps and depth and also gives a nice gloss finish.  This is my therapy and my outlet, and my art has given me a purpose. Gives me vision– and now I want to share that experience with others.”

Zeke Crozier




Kelli Campbell,

Wife of Major Shawn M. Campbell, USMC & Regional Dev Officer, Folds of Honor

Zeke Crozier...has defied the odds, again and again, to not only move forward after trauma in his own life but to lift up others along the way. The work of art he selflessly donated, raised $10,000 towards educational scholarships for families of fallen and disabled service members. Handy-Cappin’ serves to encourage and support other veterans and their families also carrying the lifelong scars of war. It’s an honor to work with Zeke in support of our military family .

Mitch Holthus

Voice of the KC Chiefs,

This guy Ezekiel Crozier is phenomenal. Zeke is a Survivor Veteran and his heart is as good as his art.

Zeke Crozier, CEO Handycappin'

In December 2019 Ian Kennedy, KC Royals Pitcher,  took home the custom bottle cap art to benefit Folds of Honor. The Cocherl Family Foundation matched the amount of $10,000 to benefit Handy-Cappin'! It is a true honor to create a piece of art that represents absolute Courage & VALOR. We at H-C are motivated by this move and motivated to create art that will benefit more organizations. The Folds of Honor motto - Honor Their Sacrifice. Educate Their Legacy. 

Tell us about your idea! Handy-Cappin', located in Overland Park, KS, specializes in custom design using bottle caps. Each piece is handcrafted specifically for the customer, and not mass-produced. Consider your piece unique, because you choose the design, colors, and size. Handy-Cappin' ® is owned and operated by a veteran, and proud to offer a 10% military discount to active service members, retired military, veterans, and spouses.

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